Top 5 free iPhone applications essential for freelancers

5 years ago

Are you looking for the best tools to improve your productivity? The proposals are not lacking, especially on Apple's platform: project management, collaborative messaging, task management, etc. Here is our selection of the 5 most useful iPhone applications for your freelance business, to slide urgently in your pocket.

iOS apps for freelancers

On iPhone as on other terminals, our use of applications is very routine. On average, a user opens less than 10 applications per day while he "owns" not far from 80 installed applications.​

The iOS apps presented here are free but they actually adopt the Freemium model. In other words, you have the option to upgrade to a paid version (Premium) to gain access to more features or to exceed certain limits imposed for free uses.


Trello: your virtual paperboard to visually manage all your projects

If you're still using an Excel spreadsheet or sending email lists for managing your projects, try Trello urgently! Specifically, Trello offers an interface consisting of a table and several cards to list - visually - the tasks to be performed. Thus, you get the equivalent of a digital flipchart on which you can pin lists and illustrate them, then prioritize them on a workspace.

Particularly suitable for web professionals (webdesigners, UX designers, ergonomists, etc.), Trello allows you for example to display the interfaces of your projects and annotate precisely the bugs, evolutions, etc. Obviously, these functionalities only make sense in a collaborative use: Trello is used with several and simultaneously, in order to drastically reduce the number of project tracking emails.

Trello interface

Trello's little extras make the difference:

  • A voting system that can be very effective in organizing user feedback.
  • The calendar that allows you to temporally frame the tasks of each contributor.

The application is free for basic use, but upscaling is possible from $ 9.99 per user per month to access advanced features, including integration with other services (such as Dropbox or GitHub) and the ability to add attachments up to 250 MB).

To discover the Trello iPhone application, but also the Web version and the desktop application, go to the official website.


Evernote: your notebook to record and remember your ideas

If you have a rather creative profile, you know that inspiration does not prevent: it can come anytime and anywhere. Having your little virtual notebook at hand in parmenencne quickly becomes essential to not forget your ideas immediately. You probably know the Notes application, embedded by default in iOS, which offers basic note-taking features. In use, you will notice that it is quite limited: no possibility of classification, impossible to capture content, etc.

Launched more than 10 years ago (already!), The Evernote app is a must-have in the toolbox of productivity tools. Evernote offers all the basic features of Notes but as a bonus, you have the possibility to classify your cards by labels. Better: Evernote implements an algorithm to automatically offer you the most relevant tags, depending on the content of your notes.

The strengths of Evernote:

  • Advanced ranking features with smart tags.
  • Collective notes, which can bring together several writers.
  • The ability to capture web pages, using the Web clipper.
  • Photo of documents: you can take a photo and tag it.

Evernote is free in its basic version and offers a Premium version that unlocks some limits, including access to your notes offline, from 59.99 € per year. To download Evernote, it's here.


Slack: Collaborative messaging that gives your mail client a big hit

You can no longer endless email loops with your customers? It's time to get them to Slack, the project-oriented instant messenger that gives the e-mail a crush. A "chain" on Slack is a bit like a thread shared between several users: for example your customer, other freelancers and yourself. This thread can accommodate your messages, your files, but also digressions: it is thus possible to create "sub-discussions" according to the themes related to the project. You can join and leave when you want certain topics within the group.


What makes the difference between Slack and e-mails:

  • The ability to gather all the flow of a project on a single unified space: messages, files, tools. This saves valuable time: no need to search for the famous attachment in your mail client.
  • The discussions are organized by thematic channels that you can join or leave: no more polluting unwanted emails that do not concern you.

The free Slack formula is more than enough for simple use. To access advanced features such as voice calls or interactive screen sharing, it will cost from € 7.50 per month per user. Slack is obviously available in mobile, web and desktop versions. Access the website.


Todoist: the task list app that helps you reach your goals

As a freelancer, you are surely faced with a well-known phenomenon that can seriously affect your productivity: procrastination. Knowing how to organize your work and prioritize your priorities (without putting off what can be done the same day) is of crucial importance to optimize your working days.

Much more than just a task manager, the Todoist app can help you better organize yourself. With a very clean interface, the tool allows you to list all your activities and schedule them on the days and weeks to come. Thus, reminders can be set up for projects that have not been finalized. And when your schedule is overflowing, no problem: just postpone your projects.

Todoist features to help you boost your productivity:

  • The possibility of assigning a priority level to each project.
  • Daily motivating statistics on your activity.
  • Automatic suggestions to postpone a project until tomorrow or later ...
  • A clever tag system to classify your tasks (accessible only with a Premium account).

The application Todoist and its use are free. Premium packages are however available from € 39.99 per year and can unlock advanced features such as synchronization with your calendars (via iCal) or geolocated notifications. To try Todoist, go to this address.


Doodle: plan events and survey your team with ease

By dint of working on several projects at the same time, there inevitably comes a time when agendas collide. Scheduling a meeting with a client or scheduling a work meeting can quickly become a real headache, especially when there is more people to gather. Fortunately, a very simple tool exists to allow everyone to agree on a niche.

You probably knew the web version of Doodle, the famous site planning to probe your surroundings on their availability to set an appointment, a meeting or any other event. Be aware that the tool also exists in mobile version for iOS and Android devices. Very well designed, the application accompanies you step by step in the creation of surveys, whether they are related to an event or not.

Doodle app

What we particularly like in this mobile version of Doodle:

  • The ability to connect Doodle to your calendar when creating a poll.
  • The "simple poll" feature that is not necessarily linked to a date: useful for probing several people and making a choice when opinions diverge ...

The download of the application and the use of Doodle are obviously free but know that a Premium version is still available. For € 29 a year, it offers the possibility to send reminders and delete advertising. Access the official site.

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